The Sound of Marketing

Auto-Attendant Prompts

First impressions count, so why not have a professionally voiced welcome message or menu options and give your phone system a touch of class? Simply give us a list of your existing prompts or let our scriptwriters assist you and we can have your messages recorded and delivered in your desired format on the same day.

Night Voicemail Prompt

Deliver important business information even when your office is closed. A professionally recorded concise prompt with your business hours, website address and emergency telephone number could be the difference between a customer calling you back or not.

Our Telecoms Partners will be pleased to know we're happy to supply you with tailored IVR prompts that you can implement with the telephone systems you provide to give you that special advantage when proposing a quote.

If you'd like to become a reseller, please call Salma Khokhar on 0345 466 1222.