Are you looking for a new call recording solution to improve your customer service or for staff training purposes?

We supply call recording solutions to businesses of all sizes as well as call centres.

The Benefits:

Dispute resolution

Permissible in court

Improve employee performance

Increase security

Better staff training

Enhanced customer service levels

Call Logging

This analytical software can be connected to your new or existing telephone system to collect valuable data for both sales and marketing departments. The sales manager can examine which marketing campaigns are working and how calls are being handled. When combined with call recording software, sales managers can review calls that resulted in successful sales and glean ways to improve the sales dialogues for the entire sales team.

A marketing manager can listen to the same calls and discover what offers are working best, or the reasons customers give for not taking those offers. This helps the marketing department choose the most successful offers and improve them in the future. Call management can also be used to assess staffing levels at particular times of the day.