Every office environment has phones & PC's. On Hold Communications provide software to help them work together.

Screen-popping allows your phones and computers to work in tandem. You can configure your system so that when you receive a call, your customer database records associated with the caller appear automatically.

The Benefits:

You can use your computer to dial, hold and transfer your phone calls.

When someone on your database calls, you can see who it is before you answer your phone.

You can keep a list of company contacts and call anyone on it just by clicking their name or number. When someone on the list calls, everyone in the office can see who it is on their screen.

Your computer can keep a record of your last 100 inbound, outbound and missed calls - just like the list of calls on your mobile phone. If you want to return a call, you can do so by simply clicking on the name or number for that entry.

You can monitor the status of other telephone extensions and users in your network. At a glance, you can see who is engaged or unavailable. If you prefer more privacy, you can choose to exclude extensions or users from being monitored.