What do your patients hear when they're On Hold?

Ever wondered how your patient calls are handled by reception when you are busy working in the surgery?

The biggest problem facing dental practices is the dreaded “engaged tone”. Our research shows that 90% of callers reported finding the phones engaged when they called their local practice.

If this call is from a new patient, a patient looking for private treatment or a referral, you WILL lose their business to a competitor!


Our Dental Solution

Our specialist consultants will carry out an analysis of your current phone set up and make useful recommendations on how you can resolve the problems you face on a daily basis.

Do patients complain about the phones being engaged?

Do your receptionists have difficulty handling multiple calls?

Do your existing patients know about all of the treatments you provide?

Do you offer dental payment plans that let patients spread the cost of treatments?

Have you spent a lot of money on your website and marketing?

Do you run special treatment offers from time to time?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, we can help you today!

The Benefits:

Avoid callers hearing an engaged tone

Reduce caller abandonment

Auto-answer calls with a professional intro message if calls can't be taken

Professional "On Hold" messages advertising your treatments and services whilst patients are waiting to get through

Customised voicemail to take messages at lunchtime and out of hours

Retain existing patients

Ensure that new patients get through to your reception team

Give your practice a professional image

Record all calls for staff training and security; recordings comply with the necessary legalities that enable them to be permissible in court.

Link your practice management software with your new phone system and answer calls with a personal touch

Call data is available so you can analyse the results of your marketing campaigns

Call and book your free consultancy today and see just how much of a difference we can make!